Friday, February 02, 2007

Starting to look like a house

Most of the roof sheeting was finished today - you can clearly see the ridges and valleys on the front porch now (top photo) and the finished garage (bottom photo) - compare to yesterdays pictures. The only major areas of the roof remaining is the area over the non-master bedrooms (bottom photo right side, mostly hidden, south side of house) and the dormer windows (top photo, those two rectangular "holes" in the roof). I'm pretty sure he'll be tackling those on Monday.
The builder will have the door guy track down one of those magnetic chalkboard doors for us, he thinks he knows where to get one at a reasonable cost.
The builder put in for his second draw, but the funds were not transferred soon enough today for me to get a check made out, so we will have to get it to him ASAP next week.
I have to go in for jury duty on Monday, so my schedule next week could be a bit screwy. We'll have to play it by ear for a few days.

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