Thursday, February 01, 2007

Roof sheeting going on

The builder is putting on the oriented strand board (OSB) roof sheeting - back part of the house (top photo) is mostly done, and they were working on the front today. Most of the regular OSB sheeting on the front walls of the house is installed too.
The roof sheeting is LP TechShield:
You can see it in the lower photo on the support next to the ladder. The aluminum overlay on the OSB is supposed to help the attic stay cool in the summer and save electricity.
Apparently we have several things coming together right now. Windows have been ordered and should be delivered in a week or so. Doors were apparently ordered today (at least the door guy came out to check sizes, etc). The roofer is coming out tomorrow to give his estimate as well.
As soon as the sheeting is finished, I think he's ready for the Tyvek wrap. Then windows and doors and roofing (hopefully roofing before the rains hit, a chance of which is being called for by next Friday). Then comes the plumbing and electrical and siding, I think. Not really sure at this point exactly what comes when, but then that is his job, not mine. I just get to show up on occasion and check out how progress is doing and learn as this goes along. My feeling is some of these things are somewhat flexible depending on weather, etc.
My wife wants a magnetic chalkboard on the pantry door (I forgot about this) so I need to see if he can track one of those down for us at a decent price. Something like this, I think:


Tom said...

Nifty on the aluminum sheathed OSB -- how much more does that cost compared to non-sheathed sheeting? I've yet to see very convincing numbers on reflective insulation, but it probably makes a lot of sense if done like this.

Also, on the magnetic chalkboard -- you can do this yourself very easily if you want. You can buy chalkboard paint at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. as well as a mix in for the paint to make it magnetic (actually just metallic flakes). An option if you or the builder want.

Ron said...

Not sure on the cost differential - the builder said it costs a bit more but he can really tell the difference during summer construction. He says he can stand in the shade of the sheeted roof and it is much cooler than if he didn't use the aluminum backed product.

Yeah, I know we can get the chalkboard paint (I think it can even be bought magnetic), but she would rather have the door come that way, if possible, provided the cost isn't out of line.

A quick search led me to this: