Friday, December 29, 2006

Trusses delivered today

We had no trouble with the trusses being delivered today. Here is a shot of one set of trusses being unloaded. The ceiling height in the center of the house is 10' with the porches and some rooms at 9', hence the "stairstep" in the trusses at the ends.

You can clearly see the attic truss feature in this photo - the truss opening is about 5.5' high by 10' wide and runs almost the length of the house. In the garage, the truss opening is of similar size, maybe *slightly* shorter and wider. We are having plywood placed throughout the attic trusses for future storage use and ease of access in case of any necessary repairs, etc.

Our builder hopes to get all the trusses up and braced over the next 2 weeks or so, then he's on vacation for a week (planned before he started on our house), then it's attacking the roof sheeting (if the weather allows). Looks like the forecast is for clear skies next week, so we're keeping our fingers crossed on getting the trusses erected pretty quickly. You can see some of them lying on the walls in this picture.

Happy New Year to all!

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