Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ready for roof trusses

You can see that the front (above) and rear (below) porches have posts and beams installed for the roof trusses (both porches are covered).

The original truss company repriced the trusses and their new price is about 5% lower than their original quote. The other truss company actually came in more expensive, so that issue is settled. Trusses have been ordered and should arrive Wednesday 12/27. I thought they wouldn't be here until the new year, so this is good news!

They are not working tomorrow or Friday - doctor's appointment for the builder and his helper went home sick today - so they will just come back after Christmas. He still has some minor framing work to finish up next Tuesday (finish framing in the windows, etc.).

I am on vacation next week (at least most of it), so hopefully the weather holds and I will be able to get some good photos/video of the trusses being put up.

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