Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Framing about half done

Here is our son standing in what will be his bedroom (photo on Saturday 12-9-06).

This is the framing work they finished on Monday. It was a little wet today to do much, so he was going to check on the trusses today. Have to see if he found out anything.

In this picture, you are looking southwest over the driveway apron, through the garage (as yet unframed), and into the house. Most of the house has 10-ft ceilings, except as noted. To the very left is the master bath (9-ft ceiling) and the master closet. Just over the left sawhorse is the laundry room. The half bath and pantry are over the right sawhorse. Then comes the kitchen and an open breakfast nook. Finally, to the right lies the guest room, second bathroom, and our son's room (all 9-ft ceilings). The rest of the rooms are along the front of the house and are not really framed in yet.

Here is the view out the kitchen window (looking west). Sunsets look better when it isn't cloudy/raining....

Well, it's a good thing that we poured all the concrete early, as the recent (and still upcoming) rain has made it a bit muddy out there. You can pull up the driveway and walk right onto the driveway apron and not get your feet muddy.

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