Thursday, December 14, 2006

Basic framing complete

OK, basic house framing is complete. This is the front of the house, with the computer room/den (9-ft ceiling) on the left of the front porch, with the family room and living room to the left of the front door (with a photostitch seam running through it, grrr) and the dining room and master bedroom to the right (all 10-ft ceilings). Master bath is to the right of the front porch (9-ft ceiling).

The front of the house is perfectly symmetrical about the front door. The six large openings will each house two single-hung windows side-by-side.

Here is a shot of the man-room (err, garage). We will have an 18-ft and 10-ft door, both 8-ft tall. The extra space to the right of the doors is the testosterone corner (err, workshop area). The openings you see through the larger garage door are going to be a door to the back yard (left of the sawhorses), a large slider window, and a double door to the back yard.

He's got another 1-2 weeks worth of misc. stuff I guess (securing the framing, adding all the top sills, putting in the columns and headers in the porch areas, etc.). Sounds like we should find out more tomorrow about the trusses. He's thinking that with the holidays coming up, we'll shoot for trusses after the first of the year.

Made the first payment to the builder today (draw #1) from our loan (well, we wrote the check, he'll pick it up tomorrow). Money was wired to our account today from the lender and it's already gone. Easy come, easy go....

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