Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, the general contractor said that he takes care of getting the power and phone hookups scheduled/co-ordinated, so that should be taken care of at the proper time. He also has the fire department reviewing the plans and creating a fire sprinkler layout for the inside of the house (required in county areas).

Still waiting on the plan corrections from the architect - he should probably finish later this week or early next week. Then resubmittal to the county, and hopefully we're done. ***crosses fingers***

We need to start making a few more decisions on items like the front door, fixtures, etc, as those things will impact the final house price and we'd like to be able to assign a firm number instead of a generic allowance. We already have appliances, gas fireplace, gas tankless water heaters (two in parallel for increased simultaneous hot water use capability), countertops, roofing, and a good portion of the cabinetry chosen, so that helps. We also have siding and stucco planned (siding for the front, stucco in the rear). Window type and brand has been chosen, as has general flooring type.

We're getting there, it just takes a while.

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